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We bought Spring Lake Ranch to prove that that you can raise incredibly delicious, tender beef that rivals any other while doing it organically, on pasture and 100% grass-fed – we do not use corn, soy or other commodity grains that are fed in crowded feedlots to 99% of the cattle raised in the USA.
Once you try our beef, we think you will agree.

Spring Lake Ranch...A Special Place

Spring Lake Ranch is located in the heart of the Sandhills Grasslands of Nebraska. The Sandhills, known as the “Napa of Grass,” is the largest intact grassland in the world and an ideal place to raise cattle out on pasture.

Originally formed in 1887, we are just the third owners of this verdant 20,000 acre ranch that is now protected and preserved for the future by implementing Organic and regenerative cattle-raising practices.

What Makes Our Beef Unique

Our beef is unlike any other, thanks to the combination of the rich pastures of the Sandhills and the collective wisdom of the region's deep cattle-raising history with our expertise in cattle nutrition and entrepreneurial spirit to innovate and employ new methods and tools.

We love a great steak.. who doesn’t? It’s one of life’s best simple pleasures. Our goal is to never compromise on consistently excellent flavor and tenderness while raising our cattle 100% on pasture and 100% on grass. It’s not easy and it’s not cheap. But for us it’s the only way to do it. And this means you never have to compromise either. You can have an incredible, steakhouse beef experience whenever you desire knowing that it was raised by passionate, dedicated people with care and respect for the animal and the land it comes from.

Expert Finishing

We partner with Sandhills based organic farmers to source organic grasses, silage, and legumes that we blend into a proprietary finishing ration. We provide this extra ration to our cattle during the crucial finishing stage as optimum natural nutrition leads to optimum results.

This innovative approach gives our organic certified, 100% grass-fed beef its consistent tenderness, marbling, and signature flavor that reflects the unique “terroir” of the Sandhills.

We’ve tried grass-fed beef from all over the world, and we chose to raise ours in the Sandhills because it just can’t be beat.

A Vision For The Future

The Benefits of Healthy Soil

We believe that healthier soil leads to healthier plants and animals. That's why we are committed to protecting and improving the rich native pastureland of the Sandhills by using best-in-class regenerative land management practices.

A "Living Laboratory"

Spring Lake Ranch also serves as a “living laboratory” where fellow Sandhills ranchers can see first-hand how converting to organic and using regenerative practices is the path to a brighter, more sustainable future.

We are proud to have been joined on this journey by two legacy ranching families and together have already converted over 80,000 acres to certified organic and regeneratively managed lands in the first year of operation.

A Path Forward

But we believe that’s just scratching the surface of what we can do together. We see a path to convert 1 million acres of the Sandhills to certified organic and regenerative practices by 2030.

Join us in our mission to produce the best beef while preserving the land for future generations.

Experience the taste of the Sandhills with Spring Lake Ranch beef.

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